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What should you look for in a good moisturizer?  There are definitely enough products on the market to confuse you.  Let’s start with a few fundamentals:

First, moisturizers are always tested for “comedogenicity”.  This refers to a moisturizer’s tendency to cause whiteheads and blackheads.  For this reason, look at the label of your skin care product for the term “non-comedogenic”.


Second, try a product that contains Vitamin A, Retinoids, Vitamin C, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  These ingredients work in conjunction to return your skin to a more supple, bouyant condition.


Third, if you have sensitive skin select fragrance-free moisturizers.  Even those with normal skin should avoid fragrances because of the unforeseen allergens that can spontaneously irritate the skin’s surface even if you’ve never had an allergic reaction to colognes or perfumes in the past.


Once you found a moisturizing skin care product that meets these fundamental criterion, committ to applicating twice a day.  Water and soap dry out your skin.  After a shower or bath, apply your moisturizer right away.


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