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Scientific studies indicate that 55% to 78% of our bodies are comprised of water. If want to be healthy then daily consumption of water is very important to the body and skin. There are many miracles that water can provide to the body.

It aids digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food that we eat. Water flushes and removes harmful substances in your body. The waste that is produced by the body will not be removed effectively without proper amount of water.

Without enough water in your body, it can lead to adverse health effect. Water boosts the energy level of your body and aid every part of your body.


Another benefit that the body can get from water is making your skin glow and look beautiful. Water is an effective skin care. An adequate amount of water will keep the skin hydrated and preventing dry skin.

Another thing is that water makes the skin become more radiant and give ayounger looking skin complexion. Water truly provides suppleness and elasticity to your skin and prevents early signs of aging.


So how much water should you drink a day for your skin? There are exact amount of water consumptions that we need to maintain every day. It is said that 8 to 10 glasses of water a day is good for the body and for your health.

We lose at least that amount of water daily when we perspire, urinate, or exercise. The minimum amount of water you need depends on our body weight. As a general guide, for every two pounds of body weight, an ounce of water is required.


As you can see that there are lots of benefits that water can provide to the body. One good way to track and maintain the amount of water that you consume per day is by drinking bottled water. It is much easier for you to track the amount of water that you consume.


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