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Men and women of all shapes and sizes should be able to pull off tight jeans. Although wearing baggy jeans might seem comfortable to you, but do not expect to turn heads with them. You might as well be wearing your brother’s old pair of jeans as these jeans are simply unflattering. Yes they may hide your calves but they are not helping you with your looks.

While some fear that these jeans are only for skinny people, this is not always the case. The idea here is to show a woman’s shape or a man’s physique and accentuate them by having less of the denim, and more of the leg’s shape. While they are called, tight, they do not mean, blood-sucking tight. They should show off the silhouette without making you feel too uncomfortable.

And because these are more difficult to pull-off, you should purchase them from a brand that you could trust. That way, you would not have to deal with embarrassments from a button popping, or your jeans being ripped off from the back just because the quality or manufacture is below standards.

In buying them, make sure to use materials that are really stretchy so that they still allow you to move, sit down, and dance while wearing them. If you feel like your legs are strapped, then they are not the right pair. Also choose carefully, the back pocket designs as they may not flatter your look from the back part. This area would be quite conspicuous because of its tightness.

Another important factor that most people forget is the type of underwear to wear with such jeans. Because it would be so close to the body, your under garments should be less than conspicuous. It is better to buy undies with low-rise so that they would not show through when you sit down. Thongs are not a good idea here no matter how sexy they may seem to you. Undies and tight jeans need some thought before you put them on.


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