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What is one item that no wardrobe can be without?  A sturdy pair of khaki shorts of course.  If truth be told, two pairs of khaki shorts are more practical.  One pair for all occasions that will include indoor and outdoor activity and another pair kept folded and possibly ironed for occasions that might be a bit more formal.  To be sure, these shorts are as ubiquitous as pair of jeans, but their practicality overrides any sense of the mundane that might be associated with them.

The one company that stands atop the heap when you are talking about khaki type shorts is L.L. Bean.  They didn’t invent the khaki short, that distinction probably goes to the British Army, so much as perfect them.  If you want L.L. Bean you have to go to them or find them used.  You are going t o pay around 30-40 dollars new, depending on the season and the style. Of course if you buy them new, they will replace them free if they rip or wear out besides any stains.  They do sell a pair of stain resistant shorts that you may be able to get replaced for years to come.  If you don’t want to pay full price then you can get a good used pair on Ebay for 10-30 dollars including shipping.

Dockers are the probably the most well known brand for khakis due to their proliferation into department stores.  You have to shop around online to get the best price.  Sometimes you can get then for as low as 19.99 but most times they are between 24 and 30 dollars.   They also have the benefit of many different styles, colors and sizes.  Dockers are well made and can also be bought quite cheap as used on Ebay.  There are many other brands out there from work quality like Carhartt to more the stylish and expensive made by Barneys of New York or Tommy Bahama.   Most of the large clothing websites will have a impressive selection of khaki shorts to choose from, so your budget will be your guide.  Of course if you want to go used, then Ebay and other auction sites will have literally tons of choices.


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