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Oily Skin Solutions

If you have a skin that shine and is thick then probably you have oily skin. Oily skin is the result of excessive secretion of sebum on the body. Sebum is produced by the

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Dual-acting moisturizing soap?

Don’t be fooled.  Moisturizing soaps are fine, but they are not an adequate substitute for applying a moisturizer on your skin after you shower or bath.  It is important for the health and youthfulness

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Sunburn! Ouch!

I could regail you for days with tales of my more memorable sunburns dating back as long as I can remember being alive. There was the Florida burn around age 6 when my legs

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What should you look for in a good moisturizer?  There are definitely enough products on the market to confuse you.  Let’s start with a few fundamentals: First, moisturizers are always tested for “comedogenicity”.  This

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Adult Acne

Well into adulthood, you’d have thought your teenage years of acne were over.  Not so.  Pimples, pustules and papules can still erupt in adults-even in people who never struggled with breakouts while they were

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