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Kết quả hình ảnh cho Large women’s clothing

Large women’s clothing is quite a challenge to find, and much more challenging if finding the perfect fit. Plus size women might have already mixed and matched all their wardrobe pieces for every occasion and have not yet find a new one to add to their collection. To help solve this dilemma, here are ways on how to layer clothes this winter and achieve a new look.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho big size Black jackets

Black jackets and coats lined the street on winter days, but it does not mean that it’s the only way to stay warm. To cut the dullness of the colour, one can wear a black, fitted jacket and add a faux vest, which can be any colour, on top.

Vests that are made of soft and warm cloth that reach the thigh are good winter office staples, too. This works best with full dresses and blouses because it trims the figure. It isalso best to keep vests unzipped or unbuttoned because it helps break up a monotone pattern.

Feeling girly and feeling like wearing one’s lacy dress on a cold day? To avoid freezing, complement it with a well-fitted leather jacket. The leather jacket not just serves as an effective heater, but it gives the frock a tough-girl edge. To complete the look, wear those equestrian-style boots.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cardigan women big size

Another way to wear a dress during cold days is to wear a cardigan on top of it, buttoned or zipped all the way down. This will make a colourful or lacy skirt out of the dress. For a shape and emphasis on the waist, add a skinny built that contrasts the colour of the cardigan.

Since coat is a must-have on winter months, invest on a good one. Ditch the plain, black ones and get a coat with interesting details such as tiny, blue criss-crosses. Just make sure the coat fits well and its patterns are small because it will help achieve a slimmer figure. A flattering plus size coat also makes what one wear inside matter less, so a warm, regular shirt paired with one’s favourite pants or skirts will do.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho coat women big size

Last, but not the least, if one’s feeling fierce and adventurous, make it reflect on your winter outfit by wearing a good faux fur for a cover. Nothing is as warm and as sexy as wearing a fur, but all fur is a no-no. Make sure to add some colour in the ensemble or used different clothing texture. To complete the outfit, one can wearknee-high boots to make the calves appear slimmer and of course, for warmth.


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