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If it’s been said once, it’ll be said a thousand times more – there’s no such thing as ‘winter knitwear.’ The only thing that qualifies as winter knitwear are jumpers with reindeers on and cardigans with crocheted elves on their front.  Otherwise, it wasn’t made expressly for winter and it shouldn’t be restricted to winter wear.

A piece of high quality knitwear is a thing of beauty. It has been exquisitely designed and crafted so that someone as fashionable as yourself – yes you, can make it come to life in any season. Don’t let your knitwear gather dust at the back of the wardrobe this summer. There are a hundred and one different ways to don sweaters and cardigans as temperatures rise and here are just a few of them.

The Cropped Sleeve 

Cropped sleeve sweaters have been big on the catwalks this season, but they don’t seem to have reached the streets just yet. This makes them one of the freshest trends around at the moment. If you’re the type of guy who prides himself on getting there first – you’re going to want to invest in a couple of these. Cropped sweater sleeves fall slightly above or slightly below the elbow.

They look absolutely superb when teamed with a long sleeved shirt but can also be worn on their own. If you’re going to wear a cropped sweater in summer, make sure that it’s not too heavy or too tight. In this context, cropped sleeves work better if there’s a bit of looseness in your garment. The trendiest sweaters on the market are those that blouse slightly in the middle but have a snug, elasticated waistband.

The Sweter Vest

Think the sweater vest is only for grandfathers and high school English teachers? Think again, because it’s making a major comeback. As long as you never, ever team the sweater vest with a dickie bow – it’ll always be a fashionable item. Team yours with a tailored shirt and a tie for formal occasions, suggests Men’s Health journalist Cassie Shortsleeve. If the occasion is a bit more casual, lose the tie and the top two buttons. This season’s sweater vest is either black or grey but do experiment with colours if you feel bold enough.

The Cardigan

Pastel coloured cardigans are hot right now, really hot, say the experts at Think mint greens, pale yellows and baby blues and you’re on the right track. Team a lightweight button down cardigan with a crisp white shirt like David Beckham does. Or if you’re feeling bold, combine a strawberry red cardigan with an Aztec print shirt like Ryan Gosling. For formal occasions, keep cardigans buttoned up. If there’s room to let your hair down, don’t be afraid to wear your cardigan a little looser than usual – especially if you want to show off a favourite T-shirt print or design.

The V Neck

The V neck sweater is perfect for summer, say fashion experts at the Guardian. It’s lightweight and it’s comfortable – what more could you ask for? High quality v-necks can be worn with nothing underneath. They should be thick enough to hide your torso but thin enough to keep you cool in hot weather. You can always team a V-neck sweater with a collared shirt if you don’t feel confident wearing it alone. Also, V-necks are the only sure fire way to team knitwear with shorts. Experiment with this idea this summer  – you’ll be glad you did.

Like a great pair of skinny jeans or a good beanie hat, men’s knitwear should never be allowed to gather dust at the back of the wardrobe. The only thing preventing you from rocking knits in any season is your own imagination. Open your mind and give summer knitwear a chance this year.


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