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A lot of people like to look tan because they look younger and healthier and more active. One way that they can achieve this color is through tanning bed. The objective of tanning is to make you look better. There are evidences that tanning bed have side effects that can damage your skin. Tanning bed can make your skin look older or dead. Aside from this there are some additional side effects of using a tanning bed.


The first side effect that you can acquire is malignant melanoma. This is a type of skin cancer that develop in the skin cell. The skin shows some pigmentation.

Next side effect is the basal cell carcinoma. Another skin cancer and it is the most common form. The cancer shows a shiny pink or red lump in the skin surface. This lump may appear in any part of the body.

The squalors cell carcinoma. This is the second most common type of skin cancer. Same on the basal cell carcinoma, this type of cancer shows pink lump on the skin surface. But the lump may look scaly and sore.

And this pink lump is commonly seen in the face, neck, lips, ears, hands, shoulders, arms and legs areas of the body. The only difference that it has from the basal cell carcinoma is that it can easily bleed.


The effects of UV radiation from the sun are just the same on the UV radiations from the tanning bed. UV rays can cause all types of skin cancer. But still there are many men and women who love to use tanning bed to achieve a golden tan color.


Eye damage is another critical effect of using tanning beds. The ultraviolet rays can produce cataracts. Long term exposure to the sun’s rays or exposure in a tanning booth can lead to blindness.

Also UV exposure compounds another problem a with tissue growth on the white parts of the eyes. Even though they know that there is side effect as long as they can have the fashion they are satisfied. But the fact is that they put their lives into risk.  So be careful if you like to visit the tanning bed a lot and consider other methods to look younger.


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