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Choosing scrubs apparel used to be easy. You could choose white or you could choose blue or…well that was about it really. As for styles, there wasn’t much chance of the nursing and medical professional getting to show their individual taste and style either.

Nowadays there are plenty of options available both in terms of color and style. While this makes scrubs apparel more fun and trendy it is also important to choose something which continues to give the impression of a serious, dedicated health care professional and which also has a fit and design which doesn’t hamper your work performance.

The choices in modern, colorful scrubs apparel now includes everything from scrub shoes to scrub tops and scrub jackets. This gives you the opportunity to base your work outfit on your personal preferences as well as the guidelines which your workplace imposes upon you.

Before choosing your new, hip scrubs apparel it is important to find out the dress code in place at your workplace as well as considering how your bosses, colleagues and patients will react to your new look. It may be worth speaking to a few of your colleagues about making a joint shopping trip, so as not to be the only one in your hospital or clinic to take the plunge into the world of fashionable used scrubs apparel.

Some of the more interesting scrubs apparel on offer include motorsport designs, animal prints and multi colored outfits. Many of the scrubs outfits available come in subtle pastel shades, although there is also a growing variety of more unusual colors like salsa and plum.

The choice of style is also a lot wider now as well, with phrases like leg flare, boot cut and hip flip becoming more and more common place in conversations between fashion conscious healthcare workers.

This increase in the range and variety of scrubs apparel has inevitably led to competing brand names getting involved in this new and interesting market. Some of the names which are already well established include Landau, Cherokee and Urbane Scrubs, while we can expect others to join them soon.


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