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One of the common signs of getting old are the bags that form underneath our eyes. These dark bags aren’t always the results of old age, you can get them when you use your eyes too much to read or by working in front of the computer over long periods of time.

This often occurs after reading, computer work, or other tedious visual tasks where you strain your eyes.


You can also get what is commonly known as puppy eyes when you don’t get enough sleep or after drinking too much the night before.


If you have bags under your eyes, try cutting thin slices of cucumber and laying them over your eyes for at least 5 minutes. After you take them off, you will notice a tightening feeling around your eyes. This will also help reduce puffiness as well.


However, the best thing to do is apply a moisturizing cream to the area around the eyes daily.  But there is a special way to apply the cream. Don’t rub your area or apply it too hard. Gently dab the cream to the lower area around the eye and let your skin absorb it over time.

Using your ring finger is a good trick to make sure you don’t use too much pressure or tug at the delicate skin under your eyes.


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