Designer Knitwear Styles for Women

Knitted garments have long captured the hearts of women all over the world. The love for knitted clothing has spawned various styles created by top fashion designers all over the world. Every fashionable woman would surely own several knitted garments in her closet. Here are some of the most popular styles of designer knitwear available in the market today.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cardigans women

Cardigans – this is a type of knitted top which is buttoned down on the front. But there are also open-front types of cardigans, which mean that it doesn’t have buttons in front. There are also cropped rib cardigans which only go down to the upper abdomen. Cardigans have sleeves that are long like a sweater. Cardigans are usually round-necked but there are also V-necks and turtlenecks. It can be printed or plain, while some can have embroideries. Cardigans are usually worn with an inner shirt. It used to be a garment associated with women but these days there are already designs available both for men and women.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sweaters women

Sweaters – there are many styles of designer sweaters such as kimono sweaters, turtlenecks, cropped, sleeveless and open knit. Sweaters became a popular hit all over the world when the striped sweaters became a fashion trend. Today, sweaters are being sold in various patterns, colors and prints. Sweaters are usually categorized as casual wear, but there are already sheer knit sweaters that sparkles when hit with light, which can be worn in semi-formal occasions.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tank top women

Tank tops – Knitted tank tops are not just for casual wear, it can be worn in formal occasions as well. The fit is very flattering to the figure because the garment hugs the body. It is also popularly worn as an office garment by working women. It is often seen worn as an undershirt for blazers and cardigans. Knitted tank tops are usually sleeveless with a round neck, v-neck or turtleneck. It is available in various colors and patterns.

There are a lot of other designer knitwear styles such as the fringe poncho, knit lace, vest, tank tops and dresses. Designer knitwear garments however, can be very expensive because of the material used and the laborious process before one garment is created. That is why it is very important to appreciate all the work that goes into every knitted garment. Proper washing, cleaning and storage should be done to ensure prolonged use. When a designer knitwear is cared for properly, it can last forever.

Large Women’s Clothing: How to be Fashionable in Winter

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Large women’s clothing

Large women’s clothing is quite a challenge to find, and much more challenging if finding the perfect fit. Plus size women might have already mixed and matched all their wardrobe pieces for every occasion and have not yet find a new one to add to their collection. To help solve this dilemma, here are ways on how to layer clothes this winter and achieve a new look.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho big size Black jackets

Black jackets and coats lined the street on winter days, but it does not mean that it’s the only way to stay warm. To cut the dullness of the colour, one can wear a black, fitted jacket and add a faux vest, which can be any colour, on top.

Vests that are made of soft and warm cloth that reach the thigh are good winter office staples, too. This works best with full dresses and blouses because it trims the figure. It isalso best to keep vests unzipped or unbuttoned because it helps break up a monotone pattern.

Feeling girly and feeling like wearing one’s lacy dress on a cold day? To avoid freezing, complement it with a well-fitted leather jacket. The leather jacket not just serves as an effective heater, but it gives the frock a tough-girl edge. To complete the look, wear those equestrian-style boots.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cardigan women big size

Another way to wear a dress during cold days is to wear a cardigan on top of it, buttoned or zipped all the way down. This will make a colourful or lacy skirt out of the dress. For a shape and emphasis on the waist, add a skinny built that contrasts the colour of the cardigan.

Since coat is a must-have on winter months, invest on a good one. Ditch the plain, black ones and get a coat with interesting details such as tiny, blue criss-crosses. Just make sure the coat fits well and its patterns are small because it will help achieve a slimmer figure. A flattering plus size coat also makes what one wear inside matter less, so a warm, regular shirt paired with one’s favourite pants or skirts will do.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho coat women big size

Last, but not the least, if one’s feeling fierce and adventurous, make it reflect on your winter outfit by wearing a good faux fur for a cover. Nothing is as warm and as sexy as wearing a fur, but all fur is a no-no. Make sure to add some colour in the ensemble or used different clothing texture. To complete the outfit, one can wearknee-high boots to make the calves appear slimmer and of course, for warmth.

Tight Jeans for Every Size

Men and women of all shapes and sizes should be able to pull off tight jeans. Although wearing baggy jeans might seem comfortable to you, but do not expect to turn heads with them. You might as well be wearing your brother’s old pair of jeans as these jeans are simply unflattering. Yes they may hide your calves but they are not helping you with your looks.

While some fear that these jeans are only for skinny people, this is not always the case. The idea here is to show a woman’s shape or a man’s physique and accentuate them by having less of the denim, and more of the leg’s shape. While they are called, tight, they do not mean, blood-sucking tight. They should show off the silhouette without making you feel too uncomfortable.

And because these are more difficult to pull-off, you should purchase them from a brand that you could trust. That way, you would not have to deal with embarrassments from a button popping, or your jeans being ripped off from the back just because the quality or manufacture is below standards.

In buying them, make sure to use materials that are really stretchy so that they still allow you to move, sit down, and dance while wearing them. If you feel like your legs are strapped, then they are not the right pair. Also choose carefully, the back pocket designs as they may not flatter your look from the back part. This area would be quite conspicuous because of its tightness.

Another important factor that most people forget is the type of underwear to wear with such jeans. Because it would be so close to the body, your under garments should be less than conspicuous. It is better to buy undies with low-rise so that they would not show through when you sit down. Thongs are not a good idea here no matter how sexy they may seem to you. Undies and tight jeans need some thought before you put them on.

Designs on Flat Wallets

If you are going to be buying a new wallet in the near future then you are probably well aware of the many options that are available to you. You will be able to find a lot of flat wallets to choose from in different colors, styles, and with different designs. Choosing the right design to have displayed is one of the things that you will want to think about when you are buying this style of wallet. Since it is made for you to be able to take anywhere you want to go you will want to think about where those places are and if the design is appropriate.

If you are someone who loves animal print designs then you will be able to find a lot of them available with different wallets that you come across. You can find ones that have a zebra print, cheetah print, or any other type of popular animal print that you have enjoyed over the years. However, if you are someone with a professional career and want to take your wallet to work with you then you may want to reconsider and find something that has a more professional appearance.

Leather wallets are great to carry with you anywhere that you go. You will be able to find a lot of different designs carved and embossed in them so that you will still be able to have something you enjoy no matter where you are. If you get an embossed design for your wallet then you will not have to worry about looking unprofessional at work and will still have a design you like.

Trying to find the right designs for flat wallets is sometimes a challenge due to all of the options that are available for you to pick from. You will be able to find several places that feature several unique designs so you are sure to be able to find one that you like and that you will be able to carry with you no matter where you go.

Athletic Shoes Buying Tips

Both men and women now are becoming more and more active to physical activities like exercising, go hiking and jogging, sports like basketball, volleyball, and tennis or any other physical activities, wherein your feet get to work a lot.

If you are into these types of activities then you will really need athletic shoes that are designed to give you comfort and good support, tough, and something that can be of use for any physical activity. Most of the time, we always rush into stores to buy the best athletic shoes we could think of, especially expensive designer shoes, but we usually end up wearing shoes that hurt our feet.

You should take in mind the following tips on what type of athletic shoes you should buy. Take some time in order not to waste your money on purchasing the wrong pair of shoes.

The primary consideration shall be the comfort of the shoes could give your feet. We should always remember that feet entail comfort and when buying something for the feet, it shall give the comfort it deserves.

You know what, if it not comfortable then you will end up not using the shoes anymore and if you wear it, you will always get irritated. So much so, uncomfortable shoes will cause to blisters. Therefore, do not hurt yourself and buy the best trainers like the Fred Perry trainers that can give you comfort.

Secondly, make sure that the shoes you will buy are a good investment. What I mean is that it should be athletic shoes that you can really use like the Fred Perry footwear. You do not really have to empty your bank account just to buy the most expensive shoes you think will give you comfort.

There are a lot of brands for trainers on the market that can give you both comfort and good price. Just do not jump it to one trainers stores, visit the nearby ones in the mall so that you can find the right athletic shoes for you.

Another important consideration in procuring your new athletic shoes is the toughness. A good pair of athletic shoes is something that is sturdy and can bear different physical activities, especially on rainy days. Athletic shoes or trainers shall be something that you can wear on all your physical activities like exercise. Thus, these trainers shall also be something that you can pair with your jeans for your everyday and not just for sports.

Above all, buy your best and good fitting trainers at only authorized stores near your place or anywhere like online stores. There are some stores that put on the market fake athletic shoes with the same design and colour of the original ones.

Buying fake athletic shoes and other products will lose you more than a fortune. The fake athletic shoes and the original might have the same design but it is guaranteed that only originals will give you extraordinary comfort and tough pair of athletic shoes.

So, when buying your next pair of trainers or athletic shoes, remember all this tips so that you will not regret in the end. Give the comfort that your feet deserve.

Stylish and Comfortable Khaki Shorts

What is one item that no wardrobe can be without?  A sturdy pair of khaki shorts of course.  If truth be told, two pairs of khaki shorts are more practical.  One pair for all occasions that will include indoor and outdoor activity and another pair kept folded and possibly ironed for occasions that might be a bit more formal.  To be sure, these shorts are as ubiquitous as pair of jeans, but their practicality overrides any sense of the mundane that might be associated with them.

The one company that stands atop the heap when you are talking about khaki type shorts is L.L. Bean.  They didn’t invent the khaki short, that distinction probably goes to the British Army, so much as perfect them.  If you want L.L. Bean you have to go to them or find them used.  You are going t o pay around 30-40 dollars new, depending on the season and the style. Of course if you buy them new, they will replace them free if they rip or wear out besides any stains.  They do sell a pair of stain resistant shorts that you may be able to get replaced for years to come.  If you don’t want to pay full price then you can get a good used pair on Ebay for 10-30 dollars including shipping.

Dockers are the probably the most well known brand for khakis due to their proliferation into department stores.  You have to shop around online to get the best price.  Sometimes you can get then for as low as 19.99 but most times they are between 24 and 30 dollars.   They also have the benefit of many different styles, colors and sizes.  Dockers are well made and can also be bought quite cheap as used on Ebay.  There are many other brands out there from work quality like Carhartt to more the stylish and expensive made by Barneys of New York or Tommy Bahama.   Most of the large clothing websites will have a impressive selection of khaki shorts to choose from, so your budget will be your guide.  Of course if you want to go used, then Ebay and other auction sites will have literally tons of choices.

Looking for the Best Dive Watches? 10 Questions You Should Ask

A dive watch is part utility and part statement. You want a time piece that holds up under harsh diving conditions (and under water). And you want a watch that fits your unique style. That makes it a tough choice, and we get it.

Making the decision even tougher, there are endless choices of divers watches. So many options; lots of features to consider; and so many price differences to navigate.

So how do you know which is the best diver watch for you? We’re here to help you navigate these waters and make the choice that’s right for you.

Want the best dive watch, but aren’t sure where to begin?

We’ve got you covered!

A good place to start is to figure out how and where you will use your watch. Will it just be for snorkeling? Will you wear it for an occasional shallow dive? Or, will you use it on extended deeper dives? Or, perhaps you’re just one of those choosy chaps who think dive watches are cool and it’s all about the look for you. Not a damn thing wrong with that by the way. Dive watches ARE cool!

The point is, getting to the heart of why you need and want a dive watch will help you choose the features and style that fits you best.

Next, you’ll want to get acquainted with the core ‘buzz words’ associated with dive watches. There are some key terms that you will see again and again when reviewing watches. You’ll read and hear things like movement, crystal, unidirectional bezel, chronometer, etc.

Of course, if you don’t want to memorize all of these time piece terms, we’ve got you covered. Just check out our reviews and comparisons. We’ll steer you straight.

If you’ve got a couple minutes, I recommend this video on divers watch basics. Very informative and no fluff!

But it certainly helps if you know what questions to ask in determining the best diver’s watch. Here are 10 questions that will arm you with the knowledge you need.

  1. Does it have a Large, Easily Readable Display?

    If you are actually going to be using this watch under water, you want to make sure you can actually read it! Diving conditions will vary. And believe me, I hope you are fortunate enough to be diving in crystal clear waters.

    But most of us will encounter less than perfect visibility under water. And that’s where big, easy-to-read displays are a huge help. As an added bonus, large watch faces are super ‘in’ right now, so you’ll fit in with the cool kids!

  2. Does the watch have glow in the dark hands?

    Speaking of fitting in with the kids… No, but seriously, glow-in-the-dark, or otherwise illuminated watch hands are an important factor. Remember what I pointed out above? We’re going to be diving in less than perfect conditions. That often includes darkness on some level. Even just a few feet down, the light begins to fade.

    Having watch hands that you can see in low light conditions is critical. So whether the watch hands and markings glow, or they are digitally lighted, it’s an important consideration.

  3. Does the watch have a quality band that is large enough to fit over your exposure protection?

    Exposure what? Exposure protection is another way of saying wet suit or other similar garb. You’ll want to at least consider the possibility that you may be wearing some sort of sleeve. And in those cases, the dive watch will need to fit over that sleeve. So it’s wise to ensure that your watch has a large and/or adjustable band to accommodate these needs. If you do envision yourself in this boat, we would recommend that you not purchase a watch with a fixed sized bracelet. Better to have a strap you can adjust and wear in any scenario.

  4. Are the watch controls usable while wearing gloves?

    This kind of relates to the ‘exposure protection’ point from above. Gloves could also be part of your diving gear. And if you’re wearing gloves, it can be difficult to operate some watch controls. Some dive watches have fantastic, large controls that are easy to operate while wearing gloves underwater. Others have smallish controls that are hard to operate even if you’re not in the water, and wearing no gloves. Opt for the former.

  5. Does it have buttons that can be pushed underwater without leaking?

    Seems obvious, I know. But the fact is that some watches that are loosely considered ‘diving’ watches are actually not meant to be controlled under the water. Operating their controls under water will effectively open the flood gates and water will enter the watch. Not good!Instead, look for a watch that is designed to be operated under water. Controls for these watches are specially sealed to keep the water out, but still allow you to utilize your watch as intended.

  6. Is it watertight to a depth of at least 100M?

    This may be surprising if you’re new to dive watches, but your watch should be rated to a depth of at least 100M. 200M is preferred in a high quality diving watch. 100M is like what 328 feet, and that seems pretty deep right? If you only plan on diving to a depth of 50 feet, why do you need one rated for over 300 feet? Good question.The answer is that this is a rating, not an exact measurement. Watches that are rated for 100M are okay for snorkeling and shallower depths. For anything more, go with a 200M or more rating. And the terminology you’re looking for is Water Resistant, not Waterproof. Water resistant means the watch will resist water at depth and high pressure. Waterproof means you could maybe wear it in the shower.

  7. Are the crystal and casing strong?

    A watch that can stand up to depth and pressure must be made of strong materials.The crystal is the clear, glass-like piece that covers the face of the watch. It should be strong and of high quality. You can read all about the various kinds of watch crystals here.The case is housing of the watch. Rather, the shell which contains all of the mechanics, if you will. A quality dive watch case is going to be constructed of strong metal that can withstand the corrosive nature of sea water. Divers watches are typically constructed with thicker materials and are thus, generally, heavier than their dress watch counterparts.

  8. Does it have a screw-down or completely sealed back?

    The back of a watch is typically your way in. It’s how you get in to the movement, the battery (if it has one), and in some cases how you set the time. The back can also be an easy way for water to get in. A screw-down or sealed back typically offers better water resistance than a pop off back. Some dive watch backs will have an o-ring gasket that helps maintain the water resistant seal.

  9. How about a unidirectional bezel…does it have one?

    The bezel is perhaps the most classic, recognizable feature of a dive watch. On a dive watch, the bezel is the ring that encompasses the face of the watch and has numeric markings, typically representing minutes. This is used as an indicator to the diver of how much time is left on their dive.Unidirectional means ‘moving in one direction’. The reason you want a unidirectional bezel on a dive watch is because if you were to inadvertently move the bezel during a dive, the result would be less time available for your dive. If you had an multidirectional bezel, you could in theory accidentally move the bezel the other direction, which could result in you thinking you had more time left for your dive than you actually had. I don’t have to tell you why that could be bad.

  10. Do the features that match your requirements?

    Many of the other questions in this article are related to quality. Features are more related to your specific wants and needs. In determining what your diver watch needs are, you have probably come up with a list of features that you’d like your watch to have.There are a lot of flavors of dive watches. Some are quite basic, with just a bezel. Others, especially digital dive watches, have loads of options. Things like temperature of the water, pressure and depth indicators, avg. depth and max depth, and many more are all available. It’s just a matter of matching them up with what you need.

To Conclude

Dive watches are pretty amazing little machines. Now you’re armed with the knowledge you need to go out and grab the best dive watch for the money. We all have different preferences and needs in a watch. When it comes to finding the perfect diving watch for you, it’s just a matter of taking what you know and what you need, and lining those up for the perfect match.

How to Wash Athletic Running Socks

Many parents have a number of athletes within their family. Perhaps their daughter’s on the soccer team, while their son plays basketball. Regardless, parents are often left with the task of doing laundry. When it comes to athletic equipment, conventional washing rules don’t necessarily apply. You can’t wash a pair of sports socks like you would a pair of men’s knee high argyle socks, to give you an example. You may be used to putting dryer sheets in the dryer to give your family’s clothes a refreshing smell. It turns out that this can be very detrimental to athletic apparel. The drying sheets can interfere with the clothing’s ability to “breathe,” thus essentially rendering it useless. Socks are probably one of the most abused pieces of athletic apparel in the world. They are arguably the most odor-enriched items that you will find in a laundry basket, so people feel the need to be overzealous when it comes to cleaning them. This usually results in damaged pairs of socks. Fortunately, if you can follow some simple rules while washing athletic socks, you can avoid causing any mishaps.

The first and probably most important suggestion to take to heart is to treat these types of clothes delicately. That means set the washing machine so that it runs a gentle cycle. These clothes are expensive for a reason – a lot of engineering goes behind them. If you let a washing machine have its way with them, they will get damaged. Also, be sure not to overdo it with detergent. Only use as much as is suggested for a particular load size. Sure, more means better in terms of combating nasty odors that can accumulate from sweat, but you also run the risk of ruining clothing.

There has long been debate as to whether or not socks should be turned inside out for maximum cleaning results. There is no indication that you will see any benefit from doing so as the detergent will penetrate the sock to reach the other side. If you choose to experiment with either configuration, feel free to do so as there shouldn’t by any detrimental affect.

We all know that clothes dryers are very convenient. Again, they can be a bit too aggressive for some types of clothes, athletic apparel included. Instead of throwing socks inside the dryer like you would with a pair of pink argyle socks, for instance, hang them outside to be air dried. You will have to launder the socks at least a day before they require use to ensure they are given ample time to dry. Remember to keep those drying sheets far away from the socks!

Choosing Scrubs Apparel

Choosing scrubs apparel used to be easy. You could choose white or you could choose blue or…well that was about it really. As for styles, there wasn’t much chance of the nursing and medical professional getting to show their individual taste and style either.

Nowadays there are plenty of options available both in terms of color and style. While this makes scrubs apparel more fun and trendy it is also important to choose something which continues to give the impression of a serious, dedicated health care professional and which also has a fit and design which doesn’t hamper your work performance.

The choices in modern, colorful scrubs apparel now includes everything from scrub shoes to scrub tops and scrub jackets. This gives you the opportunity to base your work outfit on your personal preferences as well as the guidelines which your workplace imposes upon you.

Before choosing your new, hip scrubs apparel it is important to find out the dress code in place at your workplace as well as considering how your bosses, colleagues and patients will react to your new look. It may be worth speaking to a few of your colleagues about making a joint shopping trip, so as not to be the only one in your hospital or clinic to take the plunge into the world of fashionable used scrubs apparel.

Some of the more interesting scrubs apparel on offer include motorsport designs, animal prints and multi colored outfits. Many of the scrubs outfits available come in subtle pastel shades, although there is also a growing variety of more unusual colors like salsa and plum.

The choice of style is also a lot wider now as well, with phrases like leg flare, boot cut and hip flip becoming more and more common place in conversations between fashion conscious healthcare workers.

This increase in the range and variety of scrubs apparel has inevitably led to competing brand names getting involved in this new and interesting market. Some of the names which are already well established include Landau, Cherokee and Urbane Scrubs, while we can expect others to join them soon.

Invicta 6511 Review

The Invicta 6511 gold watch is a marvelous modern watch with a unique design which is both simple and eye-catching. The shiny round, eighteen carat stainless gold plated steel case which matches the gold watch bezel features numerals in Arabic that mark for every 5 minutes. The black accent, gold tone features of the dial feature GMT time on the dial’s outer edge with round hour, luminous markers.

The Invicta 6511 gold watch dial displays gold tone, luminous hours, minutes and seconds hands as well as a gold and black window date near the hour of three.

The eighteen-carat gold-plate stainless and rubber black band fastens securely and safely with a folding over clasp. This gold watch boasts a movement of reliable Swiss quartz with a durable flame fused crystal. Water resistant up to five hundred meters and one thousand six hundred and forty feet, this watch is engineered with obvious expertise.

As a whole, the Subaqua Collection is ready to face depths with its superior engineering. The magnitude of the Invicta 6511 is executed superbly with solid stainless steel which is of surgical grade. Ionic plating and multiple colors reveal the Swiss automated movements.

We found to have the best prices on all gold watches including the Invicta 6511 gold watch.

Invicta 6511 Features and Specifications

  • Water resistant up to five hundred meters or one thousand, six hundred forty feet
  • Date function, GMT function and bezel is unidirectional
  • 18k gold plated black rubber bracelet, 18k gold-plated stainless polished steel case and durable flame-fused crystal
  • Movement precision by Swiss Quartz

Invicta 6511 Gold Watch Reviews

One reviewer says that the Invicta 6511 gold watch is a great fit and is ideal for people with larger wrists. This reviewer says that this watch is a ‘sweet package of a timepiece.’ This watch exudes unquestionable, straightforward class. Well-packaged, people who purchase this watch will not be disappointed. The black and gold combination is just really attractive and goes with all your outfits. You can wear this at the office or when diving. It looks striking both on the beach and in your business meeting. Where can you find a better formal-wear to casual-wear watch at this price? This reviewer couldn’t believe how many compliments were thrown his way after wearing this watch which arrived soon after he ordered it.

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Another reviewer says that this watch is highly recommended for sophisticated executive types who love a weekend getaway. Now only will this bring out a lot of your style, the striking shiny gold and the matte black is just a great color combination that any guy would love to wear. Not for the weak or the meek, the Invicta 6511 Gold Plated Watch is for real man who loves a stylish timepiece. The best part is that you can be assured that the eighteen carat gold plating will last through the years without fading.